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Windows 7 Fails to Boot Post Power Failure

Story By: Bury Shane

Windows 7 is the latest release of Windows line of operating systems. A Windows 7 computer can become unbootable for various reasons that can affect the functioning of its earlier versions too, for example unexpected power failure. As the last resort, you might need to use your previous backup to restore lost data. But if a suitable backup is unavailable for any reason, you should use a windows data recovery product to recover it.

For instance, suppose you have a Windows 7 run desktop computer. You encounter a power failure when the computer is in sleep mode. The next time, when you try to boot the computer, you observe one or more of the following behaviors:

The startup process fails
You come across a black screen
The computer directly enters into repair mode


The above situation can occur if the computer is set up to enter the hibernation or hybrid sleep mode when the power goes off. The hybrid sleep mode is enabled on desktop computer by default. So, if the computer is in sleep mode when the power outage occurs, it actually enters in hybrid sleep mode.

Unexpected power outage can even result into corruption of any critical boot files, file system structures or operating system files.


To solve the discussed issue, you should boot your computer using a Windows 7 installation DVD or Windows PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) disc. You can then try to start the computer in normal mode.

If this fails and your computer still cannot boot, you should use Windows RE (Windows Recovery Environment) to run tools like:

Startup Repair
System Restore
sfc /scannow command
bootrec /fixmbr command
bootrec /fixboot command
bootrec /rebuildbcd command
chkdsk /r command

If these measures prove unable to solve the described problem, you should finally opt for a windows partition recovery solution to recover the inaccessible data. However, you can reinstall the system provided a good backup is available. A windows data recovery software can scan the corrupted disk and recover the lost data at a safe location.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an advanced recovery utility that recovers lost data from Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 systems. The powerful windows partition recovery tool is available with a simple interface and various user-end features. The tool supports FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems.

About the Author

Bury Shane is a data recovery expert doing research from last 6 years on data recovery services, partition recovery and raid data recovery.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Computer Runs Slowly--7 Easy Ways to Speed It Up

Story by: John Mowatt

A new computer will perform at its best speed. How fast it runs is of course a function of it's components. The fastest computers have a high end processor and a lot of RAM memory.

Then again your speed for surfing the internet depends entirely on your internet connection speed. Obviously a high speed cable connection is much faster than a dial up.

When your computer seems to gradually run slower over a period of time there can be a number of reasons for this and you can correct the problems fairly easily in most cases.

1. Do you have enough memory in your machine? Anything less than 1 gigabyte of RAM is barely enough these days. If you have less you should upgrade to at least 1 Gigabyte of RAM and 2 or more gigabytes would be better. Same applies to your hard drive. If you download a lot of stuff you should have a big hard drive. A minimum of 100 gigabytes is needed these days.

2. Have you got a lot of programs you never use on your hard drive? Uninstall as many as possible. The extra hard drive space will speed things up especially if you have a small hard drive. Aim to have no more than 50 to 60 percent of your hard drive space in use.

3. You should defragment your hard drive regularly to keep things running fast and smoothly. When pieces of programs are scattered throughout the hard drive the computer is slowed down as it attempts to find the many pieces of a program. All the pieces of a program should be together on the hard drive and defragmenting accomplishes this.

4. Regular use of an antispyware program will eliminate spyware which has been installed on your machine by someone unknown. Adaware and Spybot are free programs which you can download. Your computer resources are used up by spyware as it goes about its dirty business. Take it out and speed up your machine.

5. Many people will have months or even years of old emails taking up hard drive space. Remove all deleted items,sent items and old inbox items regularly and you will free up a surprising amount of hard drive room. This will enable your machine to run faster.

6. Your startup menu may be clutterd with all kinds of material which need not be there. You can access any of these programs quite easily if you need them. No need to have them slow down the booting of the machine. Edit them out of the startup menu. No need to delete them,just remove them from startup and booting will become faster.

7. All Windows PCs will slow down over a period of time. The computer registry gradually becomes choked with excess material. This greatly slows down the operating system as it tries to locate the data it needs to run your computer. The solution is to remove all the unwanted data from the registry and clean it up.

If you have the necessary computer knowledge you can do this manually using the Regedit function which is installed in all Windows computers for this purpose. Regedit will give you access to the registry files and you can then delete any material you don't want in there.

A serious caution is in order at this point however. If you do not know exactly what you are doing you should not remove any data from the registry. Many entries are there for the purpose of running the computer and if you should delete any of these important files your computer could be disabled. It might become necessary to reinstall the operating system to get the machine back in working order. Needless to say you want to avoid this at all costs.

Fortunately there is a safe and easy way to remove the unecessary material from the registry. You simply need to download a registry repair application from the internet and this will take care of the problem for you quickly and easily.

A number of these programs are available to download and they vary considerably in ease of use and in performance. We purchased and tested several of them and found that some were superior to others.

The first necessity is to get a free scan of your computer which most of these applications offer. This will determine whether or not you do have a registry problem and will report to you what the problems are.

You can look at this report and decide what you would like to do. It is well worthwhile to pay the reasonable charge to have the registry repaired and this is what we recommend.

The registry cleaner will quickly do it's work and your computer will be returned to full operating speed. Your computer will run like a new machine again.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Top Sites To Sell a Used Laptop

By Mark Grey

With the internet being a vast mass of sites, knowing where to start looking when you want to sell a used laptop can be a daunting experience.

We have all heard stories of some wonderful sites that we can sell our used, or broken laptop to - but how much of the hype can we believe, and what can we do to take the precautionary measures to ensure we choose not only the most efficient company, but also the most professional when we decide to sell our old, used or broken laptop.

Firstly, I mention it being a daunting experience, since the evolution of Cash for Laptops in 2001 there has been numerous sites that have joined the industry such as Gazelle, Laptops into cash, Laptop Trader Express, Jaybrokers and so forth - this plus the many others available leaves us bedazzled as to which company is best for selling a used laptop.

Some sites will offer a vast amount of money for the used laptop, but is there a guarantee that comes with it, others promise immediate responses, but again - no guarantee to back up their comments and can leave you stranded in the process of trying to sell your laptop. Old, used,, or broken it still holds a value, and with the economy as it stands losing out when you try to sell your used laptop is no good thing.

So we know there are many sites available - it´s time to do our homework. Check through the sites and their privacy policy - I noticed Cash for Laptops mention many things in their policy that some sites tend to omit - a sign of honesty if my opinion. Offering advice of what to do if you are not satisfied surely means they will go beyond the call of duty to provide a great service to you when you sell your laptop, doesn´t it?

If we need further proof, how abut scanning the web for some testimonials, Google a few names, maybe check for video testimonials on You Tube and such sites - see if we can gauge an overall feeling of how the site performs and previous clients opinions. Having the company's opinion is great, but backing this up with public opinion we are now getting on track to find who is best to sell a used laptop to.

The last thing to just provide the extra reassurance - how can we contact the company we want to trade with, do they have a contact number, is it easily available? And what about an address, do they operate from a non-disclosed address, or can we find it on their website. These details add real credibility in my opinion, and provide the confidence we need when we sell a used laptop online - this is another reason I would encourage you to check before you try anywhere else.

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